Running for Local Political Office

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The process of running for a local political office may vary depending on the state and the office, but certain basics remain the same. If one belongs to a political party, it is usually a good idea to contact its local committee to discuss the idea of running. While it is not technically necessary, the United States has had a two-party system for most of its history, and the cases of a third-party candidate challenging those from the dominant ones are rare (Ginsberg et al., 2017). Being a candidate from one of the major parties improves one’s chances dramatically, as the local committees will have the information on voter demographics, statistics, and technicalities involved.

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Another essential component of running for office is funding. Before announcing a campaign, it is advisable to create a budget and foresee and estimate as many potential expenses as possible. The primary sources of funding will likely be individual donors and political action committees’ should the goals of the latter coincide with those of the candidate (Ginsberg et al., 2017). While learning the district via historical and demographic statistics is important, it does not preclude the necessity of door-to-door campaigning to get to know the voters better. It is also paramount to build a team of supporters – for a candidate who is not a career politician, it will likely begin with the family members and friends. Finally, when criticizing the opponent running in the same election, one must be ready to face libel and slander charges (Ginsberg et al., 2017). Considering this fact, it is also a good idea to find out whether one’s insurance covers such cases, as some providers exempt those running for political office from this coverage.


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