Social Policy in the United States

Social policy is a legislative and governmental effort to implement changes that benefit the whole society. Key features of the social policy include legislation, principles, guidelines, and activities influencing people’s favorable quality of life (Koffas, 2017). Social policy aims at benefiting different strata of society and, in this case, it is referred to as social intervention.

It has a great impact on the people of the U.S. because it enables them to understand the social issues they are facing and their causes. Social policies allow society to take steps and ensure that they can deal with social problems affecting them, such as unemployment, environmental issues, poverty, education, migration, citizenship and crime (Dundar, 2018). It helps Americans to protect and support vulnerable persons in society.

Americans influence social policy in many ways. For instance, they can initiate programs to help the less privileged in their society such as the poor. In addition, Americans can take part in any rights group to demand equal employment opportunities and ensure the implementation of policies for equality in society. Moreover, U.S. citizens can participate in government programs that deal with social issues to ensure that the U.S. and the world are a good place for everybody. Additionally, people can affect policies by giving public opinion regarding social issues affecting society, and providing solutions, and taking part in political activities to ensure that lawmakers enact policies that help in dealing with social problems (Koffas, 2017). Thus, Americans play a critical role in influencing social policy in the country.

I agree with social policy because it offers protection of people’s rights. The policy ensures equal opportunities, safeguards rights and freedoms, and the satisfaction of basic needs such as housing and food (Dundar, 2018). Therefore, the social policy helps to alleviate social problems and bring justice as well as balance in communities.


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