Disseminating the Presidency of Obama and Trump


The United States has had 46 presidents, including the current one, Joe Biden. These presidents have played an essential role in the growth and development of the United States. Whereas Barrack Obama and Donald Trump’s leadership seem similar, they are different in several ways, and the difference is important in the economic growth and development of the United States.


The first similarity between the leadership of these two presidents is their foreign policies. Both the presidents decided to implement a foreign policy that saw the United States steadily leave the Middle East. These two presidents had a plan to reduce the military expenditure in the middle, which could be done by letting the Middle East countries deal with their problems. Additionally, according to Berman (2021), as these two presidents left the Middle East, they moved closer to Asia and implemented social and economic activities together.

Another similarity that can be noted between these two presidents is that they both had an urgency to repair the domestic situation in the United States. President Obama was insistent on developing the nation by setting up projects to enable local development, including medical aid, for example, Obamacare (Berman, 2021). On the other hand, President Donald Trump was interested in making America great again. During the administration of these two presidents, they were interested in creating a business environment that would support blue color jobs; the presidents were interested in doing more at home than they were doing abroad (Berman, 2021). As a result, Obama and Trump put a lot of effort into improving local areas by addressing the issues in business, healthcare, and employment.

Another area that shows similarities between these two administrations is the immigration policy. Just like the Republicans under the leadership of Donald Trump sent many undocumented people back to their homes, the Obama administration also did its fair share of sending undocumented people out of the United States. Although none of the administrations was interested in claiming the number of immigrants, they had sent home. Thus, both played a role in reducing undocumented immigrants in the United States.


Several differences are identifiable between the Obama and Trump administrations, and most of the differences can be tied to their economic policies. The Obama administration supported multilateral trade, and trade treaties among three or more countries, intending to create more business opportunities for businesses. Obama negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership with the hope that it will increase business opportunities for the people. On the other hand, the Trump administration favored bilateral trade. Therefore, Donald Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific partnership after coming into power (Amadeo, 2021). The leaders had a different views on the trading approach.

Another difference relates to the healthcare sector in the United States. In his efforts to improve the health of the American population and make access to quality health care affordable, President Obama approved the Affordable Care Act. However, the Act’s effects were short-lived since President Donald Trump came into power; most of his activities have been directed toward weakening the Affordable Care Act (Amadeo, 2021). Most Trump supporters claimed that the Act increased the cost of health care which was becoming too expensive for some of the citizens. Moreover, most of the supporters argued that it was good to do away with the Act (Amadeo, 2021). Hence, healthcare overwent drastic changes after the presidency of Obama and Trump, making it unstable.

To conclude, the significance of the paper is that it demonstrates political leadership through a comparison of the administrations of the two most recent US ex-presidents. Although the two administrations had extensive similarities and differences, they both strived to look out for the well-being of the American population. Most of the similarities presented relate to the intention of presidents to improve foreign policies, local development, and immigration policy. However, their approaches were found to be quite distinct in achieving these goals. Other differences concerned their economic policies and healthcare policies.

Reflection on the Writing Process

I ordinarily composed personal narratives in the first person, and I centered around personal experience and opinion. A scholarly essay is formal and objective, while a personal narrative is abstract. Despite the fact that it depends on the true story, the occasions were introduced according to my perspective. A clear argumentation is crucial for all types of scholarly composition. Any paper should show a strong thesis statement, supporting that proposal with proof, present issues or counterarguments, and come with a thorough conclusion. In this essay, I had to back all ideas and experiences with intensive examination and investigation through credible sources. Everything I write ought to have a structure to it and should pass on my point in a simple manner.


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