The Teapot Dome Scandal Analysis

Teapot Dome Scandal is one of the most outrageous situations of unprecedented avidity and corruption in the U.S., which occurred in the 1920s. It was referred to as the most scandalous instance of bribery, after the Watergate Scandal, in the history of American politics. The event started decades ago when the U.S. Navy realized the need for oil instead of coal. Americans aspired that their ships could sail across any ocean with no fuel-related limitations. Therefore, the West’s oilmen decided to drill the naval petroleum reserves located at the Teapot Dome (Roberts). The case involved vicious oil tycoons, illegal liquor sellers, poker-playing politicians, a lecherous president, and a bag of cash bribes delivered stealthily. President Warren G. Harding elected his poker-playing mate, Albert Hall, as a secretary of Interior, who convinced the former to transfer oil reserves from the Navy to his department (Roberts). He also secretly concluded a transaction with Edward Doheny and Harry Sinclair, who were eminent oilmen.

As a result of these misdemeanors, Fall fell under a trial for bribery and was sentenced to prison. It was the first time in American history when an officer of such a level went to jail. Sinclair and Doheny were acquitted of offering bribes to Fall; in the meantime, Doheny’s son was shot by his friend Hugh Plunkett ( Editors). Meanwhile, the president suddenly died, presumably, to escape from the impeachment for participating in the scandal. The oil production was halted in 1927 and tapped at Elk Hills. The Teapot Dome Scandal has significantly impacted the cabinet’s reputation since corruption can be regarded as the worst nightmare for politicians. The situation is often used for comparing the bribery scandals.

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