Critical Infrastructures and Protection Strategies


Taking care of the health and safety of people in the formation of infrastructure is of critical importance. Thus, organizations should develop and put into practice protection strategies. A unique role, in this case, is played by understanding the concept of critical infrastructure and what should be included in the security plan. Thus, this essay will consider these two aspects, as they can give a better understanding of how the actions of organizations can affect people.

Practice Protection Strategies

First of all, it is necessary to gain a clear understanding of what critical infrastructure is. This concept includes such aspects as a network of highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, and utilities (“Critical Infrastructure Sector”, n.d.). In other words, these are the devices that help to preserve and maintain the ordinary course of the everyday life of society. Moreover, the value of critical infrastructure lies in its relationship with aspects such as transport, commerce, clean water, and electricity, which rely on it to a high degree.

Critical infrastructure has foundations that converge in all countries of the world. However, some aspects may differ depending on the characteristics of each region. In the United States of America, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deals with this issue and divides this area into sixteen critical infrastructures (“Critical Infrastructure Sector”, n.d.). Thus, the topic under study requires a severe approach as it may have some difficulties. To avoid them and solve them promptly, the use of protection strategies is required.

The first sector in which protection strategies need to be applied is the commercial facilities sector. This segment includes hotels, retail, and media. The central aspect of ensuring security in it is ensuring the privacy of individuals and the application of plans to ensure cybersecurity. Equally important is the manufacturing sector, which includes transportation, energy, and information technology. The importance of this critical infrastructure lies in the fact that it is closely interconnected with many others. Thus, security strategies in this area should include ensuring the security of unknown connected devices to the computer system of organizations. Moreover, it is necessary to take measures to control the quality of all components of production connected to this infrastructure.

The next aspect includes emergency services, which includes critical situation management. It also requires the connection of cybersecurity services and the dissemination of awareness on the topic of the reasonable use of technologies and updates. This plays a unique role in maintaining the level of confidentiality. In the energy sector, in terms of protection strategies, it is compliance with operational requirements for critical infrastructure facilities. This is because this area is associated with the emergence of significant risks. Therefore, it is essential to implement measures to control and increase resistance to cyberattacks in protection plans. The last sector, which, like the above, is important, is the defense industrial base sphere. This area of critical infrastructure requires an exceptional degree of control and the creation of security protocols. These measures should be aimed at preventing any public influence from external sources.


In conclusion, this work considered critical infrastructure and security strategies. The first aspect includes such ways of ensuring the life of society as hotels, roads, bridges, and so on. Moreover, these areas include transport, energy organizations, and cybersecurity. Hence, safety must develop and implement protection strategies that will have the greatest effectiveness. This is again because this aspect of society’s life is engaged in ensuring the daily lives of individuals.


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