Analysis of Federal Prison System

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To begin with, the primary responsibility of the Federal Prison System in the U.S. is the custody and care of the imprisoned. In addition, it employs the system of five security levels, each designed for the danger and risk that a prisoner might bring. The levels are different in the perimeter barriers, mobile patrols, and housing conditions. Overall, the Federal Prison System is recognized as an incredibly crucial instituion that focuses on keeping residents of the USA safe from criminals.

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Evidently, the higher the level of security, the fewer liberties the imprisoners have within prisons. The jails are designed for people with limited freedom and serve as housing for potentially dangerous individuals to society. As a matter of fact, the security levels of prisons include the following: minimum, low, medium, high, and administrative (Federal Prison Time, 2021). The facilities of the administrative levels are totally limited of any interaction with people and serve their sentence for murders or tax evasions (Federal Prison Time, 2021). Individuals located in cages of high-security level are treated approximately the same way for their misdeeds. As for the medium-security prisoners, they have different types of crimes and the time they serve for them (Federal Prison Time, 2021).

Low- and medium-security institutions are designed for people with short documented criminal histories and have relatively fast release dates, less than ten years (Federal Prison Time, 2021). Overall, the prison system in the U.S. is designed in a way to treat criminals in accordance with the type of their misdeeds and sentence.

To sum up, the Federal Prison System of the USA is a highly crucial part of the country since it ensures the safety of the residents and, consequently, enhances their wellbeing. In addition, the housing conditions within the institutions are designed according to the severity of individuals’ misdeeds. Therefore, people are treated in a way that ensures the safety of the staff, mobile patrols, and, most importantly, society.


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