County Government Structure in Texas

At this moment, there are 254 counties in the state of Texas. These counties do not have the home rule government structure, and all county officials are treated as neighbors with the same tax system, court system, and public records. Some people believe that special districts need more authority and power to organize human activities and make policies separately. I think that Texas must follow its current government structure and adopt the same decisions on similar conditions. Despite the benefits of the home rule government in terms of improved responsibilities and attention to citizen demand, the same county government is preferable because of equality importance, increased accountability, and the threats of regional planning.

There are three main reasons for proving that the same county government structure should be promoted in Texas. It is one of the largest states in America, with more than 28 million people living there (Texas Association of Counties, n.d.). Thus, people need to understand that they have access to the same opportunities and resources on equal conditions. Texas county government is responsible for providing safety, justice, and management of roads and health services (Texas Association of Counties, n.d.). Equality for Texans is a primary concern that should never be questioned or neglected. In addition, home rule in such a huge stage could provoke a decrease in accountability. People should not face difficulties when they need to find a person or an organization in charge. Besides, the regions with limited technical activities may suffer if the same services are not offered. Finally, the creation of a separate government structure requires new planning efforts and re-organization of public services. It is impossible to find enough agencies and individuals to coordinate all changes properly. In other words, there are no guarantees about the success of the home rule approach.

In general, Texas is the state where authority does not depend on counties and their leaders. The government has to be the same for all counties to promote improved coordination of services for all citizens and expand opportunities for the state, not its specific regions. There are already 50 states in the country where specific funding, support, and organization are required. Texas needs the same government structure to underline the worth of equality, accountability, and effective planning.


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