Voting Rights and Voter Suppression

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UnidosUS. (2021). The racist history of voter suppression laws.

The news article explores the history and contemporary issues surrounding voter suppression laws. The source bases its argument on the recently passed bill – SB1 – in Texas, which prohibits drive-through voting and 24-hour voting, introduces new ID mandates for vote-by-mail, among other provisions. The article explains how similar laws have been enacted in other states over the course of history and how they seem to particularly target Latino communities. The article calls for a review of the laws system, citing their lack of inclusivity.

Nicholas, P. (2021). Is Biden Doing Enough to Protect Democracy?

This news article addresses the issue of voting rights in the U.S. by questioning President Biden’s commitment to pursue the issue as he has other bills. The author places a spotlight on President Biden’s speeches, where he addresses issues, such as education, debt, climate change, among others, but fails to address the issue of voting rights. The source deduces this apparent inaction as evidence that the current administration is not taking the issue seriously and calls for a different and practical approach.

League of Women Voters. (n.d.) Fighting Voter Suppression. Web.

The article takes an in-depth look at voter suppression, the history of the practice, and its effects. According to the website, Latinos and African Americans, like many other minorities, realize that their voting status affects the welfare of the nation as a whole, which benefits them just as much as it does everyone else. However, their turnout during elections has been low over the years, owing to various reasons, including deficiency of civics education, general distrust in government and its processes, and voter suppression laws. The article calls on stakeholders to oppose all forms of voter suppression, such as discriminatory laws and unjust voter purges, and lists the possible advocacy activities.

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