Review and Rebuttals of Various Opinions on Events in the US

The author is not satisfied with the idea of changing the country’s voter laws. The nation has a lot of issues to address, but the main focus is on creating a new voter’s law. Ideally, the Senate bill will create barriers to voting before the election days, how voters receive voter application via mail, and affect polling station distribution in the diversified counties. The laws complicate the entire voting process and diminish the democracy of the citizens. The author claims that the old policies were functioning fine. They compare SB 7 to the historical Jim Crow rules due to the restrictions which reduce freedom and increase discrimination.

The concept of changing voting rights is valid to maximize the satisfaction of presidential candidates. The 2020 elections saw the Democrats leader Trump lose the election. However, they felt that the process was not held according to the free and fair policy (Pennycook & Rand, 2020). The claims significantly impacted the US environment as the citizens feared that peace and unity would be compromised. Furthermore, the election led to numerous lawsuits of alleged fraud, which, although dismissed, did not lead to an immediate assurance that the elections were ethical. Changing some voting rights would help monitor the entire polling process, ensuring that all contestants are contented with the announced final vote count. Accepting changes that complicate the polling process to assure peace after elections can prevent the economy from post-election conflict.

Hernandez (2021) is against the Texas new law that relaxes the regulations to gun possession. The policy allows any citizen to carry a handgun without any restrictions. Senator Greg Abbot stated that reducing the barriers to gun ownership is the right decision. In contrast, the police chief of Dallas argued that the increasing number of guns would increase dangers in the police work due to the regular shootings. Furthermore, those with mental conditions can easily access a gun, increasing the threat to people’s lives. Hernandez feels that the Second Amendment ought to be changed as its risks outweigh its benefits. Hence, a law reversal will reduce risk to public life, and police will work in moderated conditions with less danger.

Gun violence is not directly associated with relaxed regulations. According to Weisser (2018), some counties such as California have strict gun policies but still maintain high rates of violence. Weisser (2018) finds out that the availability of guns is the primary cause of the associated heinous acts. The policies set by counties do not fully restrict firearms ownership as they only control the possession of new guns. It is because guns have a long shelf life, and those used before the 1960s when there was no registration are still in the hands of the citizens. Alternatively, barriers to gun ownership increase the urge of people to acquire illegal guns (Collins et al., 2018). Insecurities by citizens are the primary motivation for gun acquisition in the US. If people cannot obtain them according to the state’s will, they search from other sources. Consequently, gun violence increases as it is hard for a crime to be traced back to the owner of unlicensed firearms. In comparison, murder through licensed guns can be minimized by increasing the penalties of the crime. In summation, the risk created by stringent measures against gun use is higher than relaxing the policies.

The summary analysis of Jessica Chasmar’s article against the new Texas abortion laws supports the argument that the policy inhibiting abortion after six months is unconstitutional. The justice department is suing Texas as they feel women’s rights are being violated. In essence, women are being restricted from choosing to control their bodies. In other words, the new regulation is inconsiderate as it does not evaluate the reasons that are necessitating the process. For instance, most women decide to bear a child by assessing their mental, physical and financial status. Abortion is usually a result of the recognition of the instability of either of the life aspects. Thus, the analysis provides an argument that policies should be used to minimize the ability of a woman to make a life decision.

Any ethical party should not contest the Texas law against abortion. Abortion is not a morally upright behavior as it is a violation of the right to live. A six-month-old fetus has a heartbeat that can be scientifically detected; hence abortion can be viewed as murder. Moreover, the argument that unstable circumstances necessitate the process is not adequate justification. There is numerous child bringing alternatives in the US, such as adoption. Comparatively, the Alabama policy is more restricting as it made a complete ban against abortion (Karol & Thurston, 2020). The Texas rule should not be challenged as the six-week period is adequate to decide whether the let the baby live. Furthermore, legal policies should be consistent with the information provided by the health sector. Medical advisors mainly emphasize family planning to avoid unscheduled pregnancies and restricting abortion ensure the state’s guidelines align with health information.

The author reviews an article about the investigation of child abuse in the Juvenile Justice sector of Texas by the Justice Department. The staff involved in misconduct were arrested to ensure the safety of the minors within the facilities. The writer says that unethical employees should be fired and jailed to take responsibility for their actions. Additionally, they recognize the Attorney General for her action to protect the welfare of the young under rehabilitation by punishing those associated with misconduct.

In a conflicting opinion, the action of the Justice Department does not prove responsibility. Ideally, the department’s primary role is to monitor the activities of the Juvenile sector (Hurley, 2019). The late recognition of the staff’s misconduct evidenced that the Justice Department was not supervising the children’s welfare. Their response might have been triggered after the issue became of public interest. Apprehending was the only option to maintain the people’s trust in the government operations. Nonetheless, the Justice Department officials should have been laid off and replaced with more accountable personnel.

The review writer believes that after the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott’s and his team’s decision was the right one and showed their professionalism. The case involved the death of about eight people when Scott was performing at the Astroworld festival. Raging crowds appeared during the show, reaching a population of more than fifty thousand people within forty minutes. The surging of the masses during the performance resulted in the loss of lives. Subsequently, Scott said his condolences, his enterprise covered costs and provided refund tickets for the deceased. The author concludes by hailing Astroworld and sending condolences to the affected families.

Large crowds are an anticipated characteristic of a party involving a high-profile celebrity. The event organizers estimate the probable turnout to choose a favorable venue. However, planners tend to neglect the essential element of mass management. Mr. Scott and those involved in the arrangement of the Astroworld would have been held responsible for the unfortunate occurrence. The situation may recur in subsequent events causing even more damages if no action is taken to the management and the artist. Then, they use their profits for compensation to maintain their reputation and the behavior persists in the country. Accordingly, losses arising from the activities of a social influencer should be solved by confronting them but not their audiences.


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