The Modern Government of Canada

Undoubtedly, the country’s government is a foundation for its citizens’ well-being, considering that it tackles the issues that prevent people from feeling in danger and provides them with vitality. Therefore, Canada separates its government into three levels so that each department can freely focus on its responsibilities without interference or complications from other country’s representatives. Overall, the government seeks to establish equality among residents and provide them with necessities through founding efficient economic, political, and social systems within Canada.

To begin with, the country’s government is divided into three levels: federal, provincial, and municipal, each having its power and responsibilities regarding various matters. Thus, the federal department is by far the most influential one since it covers the law areas listed in the Constitution. In addition, it tackles issues concerning national defense, criminality, and taxes (Government of Canada, 2017). However, most importantly, it deals with the current issue of foreign affairs and the export of provinces to the country that was caused by anti-vaccination demonstrations from truckers (Government of Canada, 2017). This problem complicates the delivery of food, clothes, and other vitalities to the country since transporters oppose compulsory vaccination.

Furthermore, the provincial level of the government is primarily controlled by the federal departments, considering that it deals with pressing issues in a more narrowed scope, in provinces. Thus, the government is responsible for high-quality schooling, health care, natural resources, and traffic regulations (Government of Canada, 2017). What is more, it also covers the issues of ecology on the provincial level, meaning that nowadays, it deals with increasing greenhouse gas emissions (Government of Canada, 2017). To be more exact, since the Paris Agreement, Canada has been struggling to reduce the negative impacts on ecology from its side, but eventually, the gas emissions considerably soared despite all the efforts.

The least powerful branch of government is the municipal one, which focuses on solving problems within cities. Thus, it is controlled by both federal and provincial levels of government that provide municipal departments with the authority to deal with the complications (Government of Canada, 2017). In other words, it is responsible for landmarks, educational establishments, parks, water systems, and local traffic (Government of Canada, 2017). For instance, the municipal government is now in charge of forming world-class public transit on a city level. Overall, it is planned to achieve sustainability and comfort in municipalities for the residents in the near future.

Personally, however, I consider the ecological issue to be the most severe one as it has the potential to impact every sphere of human life. Furthermore, the fact that this problem is global makes it even more terrifying since many countries struggle to preserve nature. The history of people discarding the environment’s significance led to such repercussions, considering that people valued and continue to value their interests over ecology. Underdeveloped structure of manufacturing companies polluted air, ground, and water; while also gaining energy through obviously harmful to ecology ways. In addition, the recycling problem is still present in the modern world, harming nature with unbiodegradable materials, such as plastic, formaldehyde, and toxins. As a result, people are likely to experience the repercussions of the environmental problem (natural hazards, polluted water, respiratory diseases) soon and not only in Canada but worldwide. That is why I feel that both federal and provincial governments should protect the environment by reducing carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, air, and water pollution. Moreover, a great significance would make recycling compulsory for every citizen of Canada, the disobedience of which would lead to considerable fines and penalties.


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