Broward Local Government Support

The Broward local government has always supported its members economically, which helps to boost the economy at large. Women and children are the main beneficiaries of this support, contributing to the community’s economic development. The government supports women by giving them entrepreneur education and market research. This enables community members to make sound and informed decisions when starting businesses (Rafailovitc, 2018). The government creates a team of like-minded people to help each other grow economically by sharing ideas and finding a possible solution to a problem. It furthermore allows the team to access financial support from the local banks easily, resulting in the expansion of their businesses. When the companies grow, they create employment for the community’s youth.

Secondly, the Broward government has put effort into children’s health care. The local government has a program where children from birth through 18 can access free or subsidized health care (Taylor & Salyakina, 2019). The Broward government is committed to ensuring that children get the best education to reach their full potential. The government has set up schools and employed qualified teachers from the lowest to the tertiary level. Education and healthcare are the major priorities of the Broward local government for children.

However, food insecurity is a major challenge in Broward County. This is because many people in Broward County do not have the resources to meet their basic needs. Children are the ones who are highly affected by this resulting in many children having malnutrition (Gundersen et al., 2019). The government has reason to make sure that its people have access to healthy food to reduce the impact of food insecurity. Although some emphasis has been put on helping homeless families in the community, more resources should be put in to ensure that homelessness is completely eradicated.


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