American Political System: Then and Now

America is considered to be one of the most potent and abundant countries with an affluent economy, efficient political efficacy, and positive internal sentiment among its residents. This nation tries to act firmly in defense of its citizens in all directions and prospects. Well-administered society took many endeavors on public leaders’ and commanders’ behalf to build uniformity and a complex government. George Washington, William Hamilton, and Noah Webster were strictly determined to make a stable government to resist all national and international revolts and mutinies. That separated country was in typical turmoil and needed a new common Constitution that would be the actual advent of democracy with strengthened liberal leanings and well-established country order.

After the American Revolution in 1783, America won its independence from the British colonies. It allegedly implied the arrival of a new age of building a new national legacy, refining sheer international market trade, and trespassing new areas for expanding American borders. That country could not achieve that goal, as it languished in complete obscurity. The whole country was separated into 13 self-independent states with their own constitutions, congresses, and governmental institutes. Obviously, the country was in a severe predicament, as it could not operate as a complex unit subject with its own modified governmental pattern mode. Besides, there was the highest migration rate among Americans who had to leave their own country to avoid national oppression and not lose their estates and properties. States that acted as separate units remained on escalating terms as they split into creditors and debtors. To survive and not end in tatters, the country had to administer a new political system that would unite and bond all states, citizens, and institutes as a complex body, an object that operates collaboratively. After exhausting meetings held behind closed doors, delegations with its leading position represented by George Washington presented a blueprint for the ongoing Constitution as an agenda for the future configuration and federal government in 1787. As a disintegrated nation, it was in high demand to create a democratic extensive system of protection of the whole country in the form of a union institute. It was a major breakthrough in American history in terms of many modifications, as it implies the representation of collective nationalism as the most paramount engine for the country’s development.

When it comes to the current times, it is evident that the two leading American parties cannot reach an argument on various issues. The Republican Party and Democratic parties reach a blind alley and deteriorate their bilateral ties on a regular basis. As a result, fomented mass riots during the last election in 2020 were inevitable. Turchin (2021) claimed that “recent years have seen major political crises throughout the world. Most recently, the US was swept by a wave of protests, urban riots, and violent confrontations between left- and right-wing extremists” (p.1). This statement proves the idea that the government is disorganized, as the leaders of parties cannot put in their best efforts to rectify the Republican-Democratic parties’ relations. Well-coordinated governmental work of all country institutes is a prerequisite for a consolidated country that can manage and terminate eminent crises acquiring occasionally.

In conclusion, the American country might decide what to choose to disrupt the dysfunctional disorganization among its facilities. It is an essential part of a country’s maintenance as it helps mobilize all latent forces to combat international enemies and decimate a dramatic breakdown of a company itself. All aspects of a configuration have to work collaboratively to get rid of being deprived of their legacy innate rights.


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