American Government Structure

Party Platform

The Party of Social Justice actively fights against any forms of racism, xenophobia, and radical nationalism, and creates necessary conditions for the development of the American multinational culture. In the field of education, we are in favor of raising teachers’ salaries, as well as expanding the staff of social workers and psychologists in schools. Our party strives for strengthening the fight against discrimination and racism in educational institutions and renewing school infrastructure (Clifford, 2020). As a part of social initiatives, the Party of Social Justice also plans to ease the debt burden on student loans. In particular, the introduction of free college education for two years for talented students is planned. What concerns healthcare, we are taking initiatives to increase subsidies for health insurance, expand health care coverage, and introduce government price controls on prescription drugs.

The content of the economic policy pursued by our party is to build an effective mechanism for the renewal of the economy, and to find and attract the material and human resources necessary for it. The Party of Social Justice offers to carry out a counter-reform, increasing taxes for big businesses and wealthy segments of the population. In addition, our administration intends to cover the financing of broad expenditures in the socio-economic field by further increasing the federal budget deficit (Eriksson, 2018). In the next five years, we will have to further orient the budget towards social spending, which will improve the standard of living, the availability and quality of free education, and health care.

As for foreign policy, our goal is to leverage long-term, sustainable relationships with politicians around the world. We plan to abandon various military actions and focus on diplomatic solutions to emerging conflicts. In particular, this may lead to reducing the US military activity in the Middle East. We also understand the need to return to an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. Moreover, our party intends to re-strengthen relations with traditional US allies in Europe.

Reflection Essay

The Party of Social Justice seeks to dramatically increase the role of the state in the social field. Similar to both the Republicans and the Democrats, our main function is to increase the level of well-being and ensure a high level of social protection. However, our domestic social policy is more similar to the Democrats’ than the Republicans’ one since we insist on the provision of extensive financial assistance to citizens, families, and members of racial and ethnic minorities experiencing financial difficulties. Every American family should be able to provide their children with good education and receive high-quality health care (Eriksson, 2018). Our program also envisages the introduction of measures to combat unemployment and support small businesses.

We are convinced that a balanced budget is a means of solving its tasks, the most important of which is ensuring economic growth. The proposed tax system must fill the budget with the funds necessary for the work of the state and the unconditional fulfillment of its social obligations. Opposite the Republicans, the Party of Social Justice is firmly and consistently advocating an increase in the share of social spending in the gross domestic product (Clifford, 2020). In this regard, our program is more close to the Democratic Party’s economic policy that has also taken an initiative to raise taxes on the income of the richest Americans.

What concerns foreign policy, unlike Republicans, our party gives priority to the development of ties with democratic allies in the EU. Similar to the Democrats, we want to develop a new transatlantic agenda for NATO, reconsider relations with partners such as Turkey, and compete more effectively with China (Eriksson, 2018). The Party of Social Justice stands for cooperation and diplomatic methods of solving problems, preferring diplomatic intervention to military intervention.

In general, the Party of Social Justice is most similar to the Democratic Party, especially in terms of domestic and economic policy since we stand for cooperation and engagement. We are against any discrimination based on nationality, gender, race, religion, language, and social origin. Similar to the Democrats, we reflect the interests of the middle class, small, and medium-sized businesses.


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