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Border security is important in enhancing security and promoting internal peace in a country. Many countries across the world encounter insecurities that result in mass killings of their citizens. The United States (US) Custom and Border Protection (CBP) is one of the most important organs in the US. It is entrusted with many responsibilities, border security being one of them. It focuses on preventing individuals with criminal activity records and illegal drugs from entering the US. The agency personnel are allowed to conduct searches at borders without being questioned by the people that are being searched. This is the case particularly in international perimeters. The agency engages itself in vigorous scrutiny of people entering the states.

Despite the efforts, the agency has encountered many challenges in executing its duties. First, developing initiatives that would control the flow of goods and visitors, and implementing the law about border security has been a problem. Another challenge is evident in the areas where the organization is expected to protect. Notably, there are many entry points that enable the terrorists to penetrate into the country. In addition, there is peril of federal insecurity because of the presence of many harbors. Most of the illegal goods and criminals enter the US through large cargoes that are used by commercial people. The routes are used by terrorists to cause insecurity in the land.

The functional equivalent of the border is used to refer to any international airport that receives flights from other countries. It is worth to indicate that checking the passengers’ luggage does not require any suspicion, but damaging it requires a reasonable doubt. Moreover, it refers to a region that is involved in arranging items to communicate that services have been delivered.

The Fourth Amendment states that for a person to be searched or seized, there must be a reason. This has been interpreted to indicate that there must be a cause, which must be known by the judiciary and granted as warrant. According to the Amendment, there should be no searches or seizures if people have not been suspected to pose some threats to the security.

The Amendment prohibits public searches even if a person is deduced to possess illegal drugs or dangerous tools. This has become a challenge to the CBP because some federal laws allow searches to be conducted even when a person has not been deduced to have anything that could harm the states. The agency has reduced terrorists through conducting thorough searches around its borders.

Seizure statistics justify the extent to which terrorists have used the borders, showing the need to conduct searchers even when there is no suspicion of individuals. The statistics also indicate the number of people who have lost their lives as a result of intrusions from foreigners. Seizure data have indicated that there is a need to increase the number of security personnel, and continuous utilization of the modern technology to reduce the dangers of illegal drugs that are brought into the states illegally.

In addition, the data have demonstrated that many criminals who engage in criminal activities enter the various nations in the US through borders. The figures from searches indicate that most of the criminals enter different nations using large cargoes that belong to the commercial people. From the seizure information, it is evident that there is a need to conduct both searches and seizures of all containers that enter any states. Despite the fact that there is an improvement after the establishment of the Department of Humanity, it is critical to employ the statistics to make the situation better and reduce the amount of work that is done by the security personnel.

The open market is one that allows people from all jurisdictions to freely trade irrespective of their countries of origin, while closed borders refer to a situation whereby peoples are not free to enter countries. Open market allows free trade among different people.

On the other hand, closed borders enhance security in the market and protect smuggling of goods in the market. In closed borders, there are law enforcement officers who conduct searches on entry and exit points.

Enhancing a legal crossing of the border while maintaining border security has become a challenge. First, the existence of criminal gangs in states, such as California has posed a challenge to law enforcement officers. The Modern technology, i. e., the use of the internet and other forms of social media platforms has facilitated the coordination of criminal activities.

Nonetheless, globalization has facilitated the development of criminal businesses. The law enforcers have been challenged by the application of maritime smuggling and utilization of cross-border channels.

It is important to indicate that direct economic effects are less contrary to what is expected. However, different sectors of the economy were affected. For example, the financial sector was highly affected because recovering required huge sum of money.

In relation to the market economy, it was adversely affected because a lot of money was spent in different sectors. The global market was affected negatively because many investors lost their lives, and others feared to invest because of the terrorist activities.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and North America Free Trade allow free movement of goods and services across the borders among its members. Many members have gained in terms of free movement of goods and services. However, non-members are taxed for them to participate in trade activities.

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