The Superpower of the United States


The US is a global power that enjoys more significant political influence, innovation, economics, geopolitics, and military supremacy. During the civil war, the country had its interest only in the settlement of the West, industrialization, and domestic politics. However, today, the US uses its military, economic, and political power to influence foreign relations and influence international outcomes. Mainly, the state uses its resources and global supremacy to create and finance non-profitable organizations that give humanitarian aid and determine global ties.

Impact of State Power on International Relations

The US utilizes its supremacy, political mindset, and civic culture to assume the role of reformist of international order and custodian of world stability and peace. The state creates and runs non-government organizations using its power and resources. These institutions help spread US ideas and values throughout global systems and solidify its grasp of power. The US policymakers support international institutions to demonstrate the status quo and inhibit other republics’ security concerns and prevent the rise of a counterbalancing alliance. Through these universal foundations, the US exercises its authority and seeks acceptance from other countries.

In disasters and conflicts, the US economic power helps the state aid the affected groups. The US has actively provided financial assistance to countries throughout history to strengthen international ties. For instance, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the US government has sent more than $1.5 billion under the United States Agency for International Development emergency health, development, economic, and humanitarian assistance. These funds aim at helping international governments, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations fight the pandemic.


Overall, the US remains a significant superpower that controls international relations and manages international conflicts and calamities. Indeed, America relies on its economic, political, and military ability to control other countries in the world. The US is still the most potent state globally due to its leading role in international firms, military power, and huge economy. However, the re-emergence of Russia and growth in China’s power and importance in the 21st century will continue to challenge the US’s global dominance.

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