The Norfolk Navy Station’s Business Model Analysis

Norfolk Navy Station, VA (Date of Origination – October 13, 1775)

Today, the United States has the most powerful scientific and technological potential on the planet, which also works for the Navy. The government of the country finances dozens of programs aimed at increasing the combat capabilities, combat effectiveness, and protection of the fleet. New ships are launched annually; the fleet is equipped with the most modern types of weapons and military equipment. The Navy is an effective geopolitical tool that allows the state to defend its interests far beyond its own borders in various parts of the world.

Naval Base Norfolk is the main naval base of the US Atlantic Fleet. It is the most extensive naval base in the world. It is located in the southeastern part of Hampton Rhodes Bay at the exit from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. The water area of the base is in the area of responsibility of the 2nd operational fleet. The water area of the naval base and port is 25.8 km2, the depth of the fairway approaches is up to 13.8 m. The center of the fairway allows the basing of ships of all classes, including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, in the naval base. The base has ten berths with a total length of about 20 km with a depth of up to 14 m at the berths, loading and unloading facilities, ammunition depots, oil storage facilities. The naval base houses the headquarters of the high command of the US armed forces in the Atlantic zone and the commander-in-chief of the Atlantic fleet, naval educational institutions. Near the base, there are eight shipbuilding and ship repair yards with seven dry and three floating docks, as well as sixteen slipways.

During the two world wars, Norfolk was building a vast industrial and transport complex, which was intended to serve the US Atlantic Fleet. General Douglas MacArthur was buried in the city’s cemetery, and the MacArthur Memorial was inaugurated here. A local naval base called Norfolk has long since become the main naval base of the Atlantic Fleet for the US Navy. Access to the city is entirely free, and a two-hour tourist boat runs from the local maritime museum Nauticus, on which anyone can take a tour of the port and the naval base (Navy Station Norfolk, n.d.).

Current Job: US Navy (Military)

I am in the Norfolk Navy Station – the part of the branch of the coastal forces of the Navy, designed and specially trained for the conduct of combat operations in amphibious assault forces, as well as for the defense of naval bases, important sections of the coast and coastal facilities. In amphibious operations, militaries can act independently in order to seize the enemy’s naval forces, ports, islands, and individual sections of the enemy’s coast. In cases where the basis of the landing is made up of units of the ground forces, we land in forwarding detachments to seize points and areas on the coast and ensure the landing of the main landing forces on them. The formations and subunits disembark from landing ships and boats and are also parachuted by ship-based and shore-based helicopters with fire support from vessels and aircraft. In some cases, we can cross water spaces on our own in floating vehicles (in most cases on armored personnel carriers).


The primary thing that was learned is that the Norfolk Navy Station has the general public as a full-scale customer segment and gets revenues from it (Office of Financial Operations, 2019). There are many excursions, tours, and hotel and restaurant services, as well as a number of open events and exhibitions. It turned out that the base has several offers not only to governmental establishments but also to civilians. This emphasizes the diversity of the business model of the organization explored. The mentioned diversity contributes to multiple income channels and significant revenues.


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