National Politics Guiding Citizens’ Lives

The implementation of public policy agendas constitutes a significant part of the national politics guiding citizens’ lives. The quality of public policy implementation predetermines the outcomespolicies’ outcomes quality of citizens’ life. The news article by Cunningham (2021), chosen for discussion in the present essay, covers President Biden’s signing of the executive order to facilitate the health insurance rate in the United States of America during the pandemic.

With the change of the political power in the USA, the shift in public policy is observed, which is influenced by numerous internal and external factors. Most importantly, the tentative issues associated with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic require effective measures to improve the citizens’ chances of obtaining timely and qualitative health care. In response to such necessity for action, Biden’s administration initiated reopening the federal insurance marketplace to provide Americans with a three-month period to buy affordable health insurance plans. The main reason for the initiated public policy is the promised effort “to make health insurance and health care more accessible and affordable” (Cunningham, 2021, para. 4). In such a manner, the improved conditions for purchasing insurance plans with federal support will allow for better coverage and enhanced safety of the citizens under the burden of COVID-19.

The article discusses the importance of improving the national health insurance policies and addresses the concepts of the provision of human rights by political agendas. Indeed, the executive orders signed by Biden demonstrate the positive shift in the American health insurance sphere that would eliminate disparities and minimize risks for underrepresented populations. It is of particular importance during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic when people need reassurance, support, and guidance. From the perspective of the Christians’ involvement in the discussed public policy implementation, one should state that the President’s initiative complements the aspirations of the religious ideas of providing support to those in need. Thus, implementing the initiative to reopen is a necessary initiative capable of aiding the vulnerable and ensuring their fundamental rights for a healthy life.


Cunningham, P. W. (2021). The health 202: will now be open during tax season. Washington Post. Web.

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