Immigrant Policies in the US

Immigration in the US is an issue that has threatened to destroy the very survival of society. Various groups feel that their rights and freedoms are violated through application of immigration laws. In Arizona for example, school going children were left on their own after their guardians were evicted from the state due to illegal settlement.

The citizens of Arizona felt that the immigrants had taken away what rightfully belonged to them. Many Mexicans were forced to go back to their motherlands and start life afresh. School-going children were not affected by the new immigration policies in Arizona. For a policy maker in the department of immigration, a balance must be achieved between the needs of the immigrants and the wishes of the locals.

For instance, if the country needs labor, the officer at the immigration department must also consider public opinion since he or she would go ahead to allow immigrants into the country only to cause conflicts. The policies made at the immigration department must aim at preventing illegal immigration, as well as supporting the economic policies of the country, such as considering labor needs of industries.

Immigrant admission policies refer to those rules and regulations aiming at allowing only specific individuals to enter the country. Immigration control policies are those laws that prevent some individuals from entering the country. This is necessary because terrorism is a global problem affecting many governments, including the US government.

If given a chance, only individuals with specific skills would be allowed to enter the country. In this regard, visa system and skills-based points system would be recommended to the government. Moreover, those seeking asylum would also be allowed to enter the country since they would provide cheap labor to industries.

The quota system would not be employed since individuals allowed into the country through such a system would offer competition to the local trained labor force. This would definitely lead to cultural/ethnic conflicts. The public would only form a negative opinion if refugees or those entering the country as immigrants threaten the lives of the majority in society. For instance, the locals would not have ready market for their skills after school.

However, the three systems of admission would eliminate cases of illegal immigration. Refugees are usually scanned before allowing them to obtain travelling visas. Through the visa system, immigrants are supposed to provide critical information as regards to their educational and professional backgrounds. In this regard, the immigration department would have an opportunity to interrogate the immigrant before allowing him or her to enter the country.

Control policies aim at preventing illegal immigrants from interfering with the lives of locals. In other words, control policies aim at flushing out illegal immigrants. The public believes that immigrants are responsible for the deteriorating security. Immigrants engage themselves in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, carjacking, kidnapping, and terrorism. To solve this problem, profiling would be the ultimate solution since it would help trace the movements of each immigrant.

Proving security to the public is the most important role of the government. In fact, the members of the public would develop a negative attitude towards immigrants if their security were at stake. Profiling would also help in determining the most effective workforce. Some immigrants would not engage themselves in economic activities due to their social statuses.

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