Aspects of Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is an act of giving essential information about an individual or organization without authorization. The information leaked is often about the misconduct of an organization. Whistleblowers at times act in the interest of the public, whereas others act in their interests. Information exposed may range from cases of fraud, corruption, racial discrimination, and acts that go against human rights. A whistleblower can choose an anonymous or public avenue to promulgate misdoings of a corporation or government. I can be a whistleblower if the issue has a significant impact on the public.

Organizations and governments tend to have a department and structural procedures that help solve issues that may arise in ranks. In many cases, it is challenging to report a boss and may be seen as insubordination. A whistleblower takes action to go public if its structure can overshadow their misdoings because; they have power and money. Since whistleblowers emanate from the staff, who have owed loyalty to their organizations, sourcing out information that jeopardizes a company’s activities, one may argue it makes them traitors. I will prefer calling them patriots because they have the interest of the majority at heart.

Whistleblowers are often discredited if their motive was for self-gain. Some whistleblowers act for revenge or cause harm to their targeted personnel. The avenue used to convey the information may also contribute to verifying the prospects of the blower. Public avenues expose whistleblowers to public scrutiny and may pose security concerns. In this millennial time, whistleblowers use social media to leak information anonymously. An anonymous avenue is secure and is an indication you are not serving your interests. Finally, a whistleblower needs to have viable evidence in case legal action is taken.

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