Government Benefits for Middle-Class Families

Over the years there has been the misconception that government assistance is for the poor, but research has shown that a lot of people benefit from government assistance including middle-class families. Some of these benefits include health coverage, education loans, housing support, and retirement security for middle-class families.

In terms of the health care system, the middle-class benefit from public programs that helps to ensure that the families access proper medical care. This is for Instance through programs like the public expansion program for children which ensures that they are insured and their medical needs are met. In terms of education, the cost of educating children from preschool to college is very high. But with the availability of government loans and vouchers, education is thus affordable to middle-class students. This is because children from middle-class families also receive funding from the government. This is through the government loans and vouchers that the government sets aside to assist students, this makes higher education affordable to the children.

These benefits that middle-class families get from the government make life affordable. If these benefits are taken away then society will not be comfortable. The family is the most important unit in any society and if the family fails then it becomes a burden to the community. The family bills are transferred to society. For instance, if the family is not able to access proper medical care when needed, this will mean a sick family that is not in a position to give back to society. On the other hand, if the children are not able to access education, then society will not have the necessary manpower to provide the necessary labor. This shows that the benefits that are provided by the government not only assist the families but there is an overflow to the society at large.

The concept of family is very important in sociology. This is because it is through the family that social relationships and ties are formed and therefore studied in sociology. The family as a unit helps to create the social relationships that are formed in society. This is through the various social interactions that the family members make in their day-to-day activities. But the most important concept about sociology is people and the various issues, for instance, politics, that affect their existence. It is people who make the social relationships and changes that are there in society. For instance, a change in the political front will affect people’s lives either positively or negatively. Some issues can have long-term effects on the family. For example, due to technological advancements, people are now able to work from home and this has reduced the amount of time spent on the road to work. This has increased the time spent working while on the other hand, it has further reduced the family time. Over the next 50 years, the families will be more independent due to economic advancement and this will mean fewer social ties since people will be glued to their workstations at home.

Technological advancement will have some effects on family life. For example, a lot of parents and their children will continue to spend most of their time on their computers meaning that the family ties are reduced. On the other hand, distant family relationships will be possible, if for example a parent or child is away from home due to work or school.

Society is faced with yet another revolution whereby working from home is being preferred. A lot of people have set up their workstations at home and this trend is growing by the minute. The family is being affected by a lot of issues which in turn affect society at large. One of the main issues that are affecting our society is changes in technology and excessive individualism. This is a situation whereby everyone wants to be the best and also have the best in society. Individual growth is indeed important but excessive individual growth tends to hinder the growth of other people. This, therefore, means that our society is stagnant. But communal growth means that society is advancing in all areas, and this growth can bring about the necessary change in the society.


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