Analysis of Liberalism Aspects

Liberalism does not differ from many other theories in that it establishes that academic research should be based on a commitment to a scientific approach in the process of constructing a theory. This factor contributes to the acquisition of a given approach of a more positivist and socio-scientific side of the methodology (Lamy et al., 2020). In addition, the difference between this approach is excessive centralization on ongoing conflicts and minimal cooperation. Thus, neoclassicism considers the theory that the social factor and human activity play a predominant role. In contrast to it, there is pluralism, which focuses attention on the relationship. This theory emphasizes that if one of the links of the system is disrupted, others may suffer. Moreover, pluralism emphasizes that it is possible to have several opinions at once, which are counted when making decisions and establishing a policy of action. The most important contribution of pluralism was its development of interdependence. This was due to the spread of capitalism and the emergence of a global culture. The response of the representatives of pluralism was to recognize the growing interconnection, in which changes in one part of the system have direct and indirect consequences for other important parts of the institutional system.

The closest of the standards of liberalism for me turned out to be mutual benefit and international cooperation. I think this is a very important aspect, since people need to interact with each other when doing business. Such connections can have both economic and political and social changes. Moreover, in the modern world there are all conditions for improving the work of bodies through the exchange of experience, employees or workplaces.


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