Public vs. Private Administration Differences


Public administration is a field that studies how governmental policies are implemented and the process that includes the actual implementation of policies to advance citizens’ well-being. Public administration theory addresses a set of social sciences to analyze the meaning, structure, and function of different forms of public service. Concerning private administration, it is s related to the management and organization processes. It mainly focuses on achieving goals provided by different entities and ensures benefits for stakeholders. In short, both types of administration aim to provide better service for their clients, whether they are citizens or private organizations.

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The main difference between public administration and private administration is in their meaning. Public administration is a political process, while private administration is a business activity. In addition, classical public administration theory is a science that examines the ways of effective policymaking. Moreover, public administration is in a governmental setting, whereas private administration usually occurs in a non-governmental one. Due to this, the former is mostly bureaucratic, and the latter is egalitarian. Citizens demand better policies to have a structure in society; thus, public administration is pluralistic. Private administration is otherwise monopolistic, working for a higher authority that deals with management issues. As such, public administrators are accountable for general populations. Private administrators are only accountable to business owners or other stakeholders.

Reading the financial resources, public administration deals with taxes, fees, duties, and other related expenses. In contrast, private administration works for profit and finds ways of obtaining more resources through effective organization and management. Therefore, the orientation of public administration is social welfare, while private administration is profit oriented. It can also be said that both types of administrations are built to provide benefits in the form of successful policies or material wealth.

The common issue that can be addressed in both types of administrations is the importance of productive and effective work of the workers. This is because, in public and private administration, it is crucial to make successful work as citizens and owners depend on such administration. For this, there was a study by Hawthorne that examines how different aspects of a work environment influence workers and their productivity.

It includes lighting, the timing of breaks, the workday time, and many other management aspects (Cherry, 2020). By observing workers in a business structure, it is seen that some changes in the environment have a positive or negative impact on the working process of the whole entity. For example, studies on lightening have found that any changes in illumination increase the productivity of workers despite the extent of light in the work environment (Cherry, 2020). Thus, public administration and private administration approach different methods of how to manage and organize the workplace to ensure successful work for their stakeholders.


To conclude, both public and private administrations address the issue of service and management of their clients. Public administration is related to political concerns, while private administration looks at business management. They both search for profit and benefits for their stakeholders; here, public administration is concerned about citizens, while private administration ensures profit for business owners. Moreover, administrators should take care of workers and their success in the work environment through effective management and organization. This is done by careful observation of what aspects of the work environment influence professionals and their productivity.


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