Voting Importance for Numerous Elections

Many fail to acknowledge that voting is a privilege given to people just a few centuries ago, and even later to women. Balloting is the country-shaping process, which creates the government for the next several years. Therefore, isn’t voting a way of voicing an opinion to receive a diligent life? This essay aims to provide a comprehensive justification on why voting is a valuable tool for expressing one’s views, where each vote makes a difference.

Numerous elections would have a radically altered outcome if it were not for several votes that made an estrangement and prevented countries from a destructive turn in history. A common excuse of many citizens includes the statement of their one choice not counting; though, it invariably does. Each person thinking of such makes up a large part of potential balloters that could transform the nature of an election process. An example of before-mentioned behavior is the Presidential election of Kennedy vs. Nixon, where an election was determined by Illinois with an average of two electors per precinct, providing for Kennedy’s victory.

Such state defining rights were obtained through years of anarchy and inherited monarchy in the prevalence of countries. Moreover, females acquired such ability through decades of women’s rights movement, while many choose to neglect democratic freedom. At this point, voting is not about the desire to make a difference. It is about the pride of living in a democratic society, which allows you to freely voice your opinion, which some modern countries still fail to establish.

Ironically, some countries have turned the right to express political views in the compulsory action due to a low election attendance rate. These are first-world countries, which many world leaders rely on include Belgium and Australia. The importance of voting became so pivotal that such freedom became a citizen’s responsibility to play a part in the governance formation.

Hence, voting is an acquired privilege that must be exercised by each country resident to become an active participant in the country’s history. It is clear that each person’s vote counts and are proven to change the election process. Therefore, the most prominent modern challenge is convincing the younger generation to participate, which was successfully showed by the recent presidential election in the United States, where the power of social media encouraged millions to vote.

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