The Muslim Middle East: Relationships with the US

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The piece of writing shows how the world super power countries view the Middle East, among other areas in the quest for peace with regard to weapons of mass destruction. The Americans are explained by trying to monopolize the world with fear, through investigations on how armed other continents are in regard to the ammunition. This paper is suppose to scrutinize the relationship of the world power, USA with the Muslims in the Middle East due to the underlying fear of the availability of dangerous atomic bombs and other weapons that are beyond the imagination of the American Criminal Investigators (Nadel, p. 185).

The Aladdin depiction in the Middle East

In a study conducted by the Criminal Investigations of America (CIA), in order to understand the best way to deal with the disarmament of the Middle East, so that they could retain the supreme world power. In their investigation, they found that the Islamic culture was very unpredictable to the Americans due to the frequent changes against the autocracy (Nadel, p. 186). However, this was done through many general ways; for example, through political hate speeches against the Muslim community, media, mode of dressing and comic speeches that aimed to taint the Middle East, and the Americans could at times refer the Muslims as good or bad, interchangeably not expressive that the good ones are after getting information and ammunitions from them. In addition, the Muslim communities who accept and follow the American leadership especially during the leadership of President George Bush have created a long-term abhorrence with other Muslims (Nadel, p. 188).

Through the experiences, the Middle East had poor relationship with Americans; for example, the Muslim communities who were supporting them as good and the evil ones are the group against them. Some activists argues that they used imaginative narratives to contradict the America’s perception of the Middle East, where the narratives and films were purposefully created in order to show the case of Muslim experience on the Americans who were aiming at determining the source of powers that the Muslim communities had. As a result, this questioned the efforts and skills of the Americans especially during the Gulf War that to some extent, the Muslims overpowered the U.S. (Nadel, p. 177).

In the same way, to the narratives from the CIA, which analyzes the post Second World War, whereby Iran supported the USA power. They deposed the Shah after realizing that the Americans recognizes only the countries and states that collaborated with them and subsequently, they held Americans hostage. The previous evils Iraq, took over the appraisal that Iran due to failure to support the U.S. regime until their inversion on Kuwait. When Saddam Hussein was regarded as the second Hitler who would be finished within days, which brought about the question of the new world in order about how to contain the wars and bring about peace and justice globally. The war that left more soldiers that are American and the Iraqi civilians dead, proved to the US being the supreme does not mean that you have the powers to rule the whole world. In addition, during the 1980s, the U.S. revealed the “moderators”, as a small group within Iran that supported them just to obtain ammunition and then later dumped the U.S. and this distorted their identity from being the good moderators to the evils (Nadel, p. 189).

Role of the genie

Genie is a term that was used in educational films to refer to the super power, the US. The Genies at times would be friendly on condition that you support their idea otherwise you are an evil. They never bothered the number of times that they had been deceived, provided that you dance the tune of their music. The role of the U.S. is to find out ways that they can have the power to rule the entire world. However, during the time that Americans perceived that no any other country could be able to manufacture powerful ammunitions from the atomic power, they allowed other potential countries to obtain atomic energy to guardedly use it, provided that the America inspectors have approved its purpose and the evasions as to why the energy should be manufactured. Nevertheless, when the technology had surpassed them, they prohibited the manufacturing of atomic energy. This is a peculiarity that shows lack of self confidence in the super powers over the control of grenades globally (Nadel, p. 188).


America as a superpower is trying to find out how the world progresses in terms of war in an awful approach. They should use democratic ways to ensure that the entire world is reading from the same script, seeing that the use of force will split the odiousness further (Nadel, p.185).


Nadel, Allan. A whole New (Disney) World Order: Aladdin Automatic Power, and the Muslim Middle East. Kabul: Sage Publishers. 1997.

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