Political Science: The President

The president should be a good politician: For an individual to get elected to lead the group, it is essential to consider the interests of everyone. Such quality frequently requires putting the collective interest ahead of their own or the chosen group’s. It implies that such a person must first define the common good, understand what is acceptable to everybody, and have an inclusive vision. Therefore, the president must be a good politician to develop an endless capacity to listen to others, learn from them, and have the intellectual ability to assess and evaluate what everyone wants and needs before putting them all together. Moreover, the president should be a good politician to influence followers towards a common goal for solid support and easy administration. Therefore, the president should be an orator to woo followers who support their agenda or ideologies.

Based on my observation, the requirements to become president are insufficient, and there is a need to revise them. For instance, Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of America merely states that no one shall be eligible to the president’s office unless they are a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States when this constitution is adopted. Furthermore, no one shall be eligible for that position until they have reached the age of thirty-five years and have lived in the United States for fourteen years (Riley, 2017). These requirements assume several vital aspects which I believe a person should meet to become president. For instance, there are still insufficient requirements for what the president should be, such as being mentally stable, internationally aware or competent, and having impeccable character.

Moreover, just like Potential CEOs who get questioned, evaluated, and investigated to assess their viability, a candidate should be forced to go through psychological testing to assess mental competency, as well as a thorough financial evaluation. Thus, everything from a simple credit check to a comprehensive analysis of all tax returns, bankruptcies, and litigation should be necessary. It is worth noting that the constitution got drafted when honor was sacred, and the notion of patriotism generally got understood as sacrosanct; currently, there is no trust anymore. In contemporary society, the president must be adaptable and quickly adapt to new conditions. They should have a curious mind about the future and take the initiative to develop better ways to carry out plans that have previously failed and be innovative.

I believe that, the president should have experience holding an office before getting elected for the seat of the presidency. For instance, Presidents of the United States, in my opinion, should be familiar with how Washington, DC operates from their first day on the job. The president should already have a strong network of contacts in place. The aspiring should have prior experience controlling a diverse range of people, including those living in cities and rural areas. The aspiring president should have years of experience in the public eye at the state level and lots of experience interacting with other elected officials in the spotlight. According to the survey by Coulter (2020), in most areas, the less experienced U.S. presidents performed just marginally worse than their contemporaries. The relationship with Congress was ordinary. Foreign policy accomplishments were average. Coulter (2020) further argued that when the averages get converted into letter grades, the six less experienced presidents, such as Donald Trump, would barely pass. Therefore, there is a considerable need for prior experience in office holding for the president to be competent.


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