Education Public Policy Objectives in Edmonton

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Public policy can be defined as the choices by the government of what to engage in and what to leave out in matters concerning provisions of services to the public. The Public policymaking process covers many aspects like education, taxation, energy, social security, health among other areas. All these are of importance to the citizens’ welfare; the policies formulated by any government usually cover a large range of important as well as trivial issues. All these are for in public policy implementation.

Before drafting the government’s plan of action, the public administrators and the government have an obligation in reshaping the economy through the automotive industry, banking, stimulus spending, and monetary policy. These will essentially improve the whole economy by ensuring that all citizens regardless of their status in the society are treated in a fair and equal manner. Previously, the government was engaged in the provision of a range of services like the expansion of activities through service provision and enforcement of regulation.

In addressing the issue of decreased academic achievement of students in Alberta, we note that the policy objectives identified in the situation are formulation whereby the legislature and cabinet take charge of the process. In this case, public service plays an advisory role regarding educational policies that would determine academic achievement. Public policy has evolved through the pressure mounted by the voters, unforeseen crises, and international allies as well as from other stakeholders in a bid to bring the expected changes. However, the process usually takes a long time to formulate. Another objective of the public policies is in the implementation. In this objective, the legislatures together with the cabinet have an advisory role to play. The implementation of education policies lies in this jurisdiction by the two organs of the government. In the implementation process, the public service possesses dominating roles in matters that regard policies, for example, in the implementation of educational policies.

The Evaluation objective as a process entails the use of social science techniques by the government in areas that are of concern to its policies, for example, policies concerned with academic achievement. The government possesses a highly coordinated system as well as informal arrangements whereby the citizens have a chance of lodging complaints, which are to be attended to by the legislators. The public policy objectives identified here which underlie education are thus formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

In this situation, we will formulate a question regarding the government’s public policy in education. Thus, the question formulated is “What do you think should be the government’s efforts in addressing the decreased level of academic achievement among students in (Edmonton) – Alberta? This question is by the measure stipulated in the education policies. The aspect, which majorly interested me about the public policy, is the fact that public policy is of great benefit to all society members regardless of their status or affiliations. The government through taxation of all citizens usually funds public policies. Educational matters including academic achievement of students in Edmonton should be a government’s concern. These should be able to elicit public policy concerns to improve it.

Conclusively, in public education policies, the government has to struggle in the provision of education to all citizens in an equal and fair manner. This should not be a favorite but rather an obligation by the government in improving the academic situations of such students about other areas.

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