Discussion of Supreme Court in 2024

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The US Supreme Court is the highest in America. The current composition consists of 9 judges, 6 of whom are conservatives, 3 are liberals. However, it is worth considering each judge separately, as only two of them are of extreme political views, and there is no chairperson among these two. Moreover, it is also worth assessing the prospects of the Supreme Court, and one of the indicators will be the age of the current composition.

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The President of the Court is John Glover Roberts. He belongs to the Republican Party and is considered a supporter of conservative views. It is confirmed by the entry into the Ronald Reagan administration in his career, as well as the appointment of George W. Bush as chairman. Both presidents mentioned were Republicans. Roberts is 66 years old. Therefore, until 2024, he will most likely retain his post. Although, perhaps, immediately after the mentioned date, he has the right to resign from office with the preservation of his salary. The United States enacted such a law to keep the court’s composition up to date.

Clarence Thomas is considered one of the most ardent supporters of conservatism. He is distinguished by rather extreme views on many issues, such as tolerance and the use of the death penalty. He emphasizes that he is a person of another time. However, he is strenuously Republican since he is appointed the longest-serving (41st) US president from the same party. He is 72 years old, but this does not guarantee that he can leave office in 2024. He is more in court than the other members and has a weighty word there.

Stephen Bayer is the oldest and most liberal member of the Supreme Court. He is 82 years old, and in 2024 he will probably no longer be in office. Although the roster now has a significant preponderance towards Republican views, the balance is balanced by the membership of Bayer, as one of the most experienced participants. Bayer supported the legalization of same-sex relationships and marriage in the United States and was a participant in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas trial, which speaks of the breadth of his liberal views.

On the contrary, Samuel Alito adheres to conservative views, especially in terms of family management. Alito, like Chief Justice Roberts, was appointed by Republican George W. Bush. Donald Trump, another Republican, nominated Amy Barrett, Brad Cavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch. The latter two are also conservative, while Barrett, the youngest Supreme Court woman, is liberal despite being nominated as a Republican president. Alito is 71 years old. Hence, out of the four, he is least likely to remain in office in 2024. Cavanaugh and Gorsuch are 56 and 53, respectively, so along with Barrett, they are likely to stay in their posts by that year. Impeachment happens very rarely in the Supreme Court, so these are the conclusions that can be drawn.

Finally, two representatives of liberal views are Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. They were nominated by Barack Obama, during whose presidency the current US President Joseph Biden serves as vice president. Women are at the age of 66 and 61, respectively, so by 2024, they will most likely be in office. Sotomayor takes a more centric outlook, but still with a liberal bias. Currently, the Democratic President is in office, so the balance of views can improve towards the liberals. However, it is certainly not significant since the oldest member of the Supreme Court is also a liberal.

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