Discussion of Functions of the Presidency

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The United States of America is a presidential republic. Under this form of government, the role of the head of state is enormous. The President has specific functions, rights, and duties, although power, as in any democratic country, is limited to the legislative and judicial bodies. The future development of the governed country and the success of actions taken depend on how well the President’s functions are performed.

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The first function taken by the President is the head of state. Schmidt et al. (2017) note that being a Head of the State gives much publicity to the President and “if it is positive, it helps to deal with Congress over proposed legislation and increases the chances of being reelected.” The President ensures the implementation of the laws and determines the powers of all officials of the federation.

The second function is that the President is the chief executive of the country. The uniqueness of the presidential power was that it simultaneously acted as the highest state and executive. This status gave the President unprecedented power, such as the appointment and removal of federal civilian employees and the power to grant reprieves and pardons (Schmidt et al., 2017). The executive duties of the President also include the execution of acts of Congress, decisions of federal courts, and treaties signed by the United States. The commander in chief of the armed forces is also one of the main roles of the leader of the US. The National Security Council functions under the President’s command, but it is a purely advisory body that only advises the President and does not have any authority of its own. The President, who is the ultimate decision-maker in military matters and authorized to give orders even in the most acute international situations, must show wisdom, self-control, and responsibility for the whole country and the whole world.

The fourth function of the US President is a chief diplomat. The sphere of foreign policy is one of the most critical areas in the activities of the state, and, naturally, the role of the head of state is particularly significant in it. The President of the United States has full authority to conduct international negotiations at his discretion and carries an essential power of diplomatic recognition of foreign governments as legitimate. (Schmidt et al., 2017) The last two roles are the chief legislator of the United States and the political party leader. As the chief legislator, the President creates the Congressional Agenda and gets legislation passed; however, Congress can override presidential vetoes. The United States was the first state to have permanent political parties organized nationwide to ensure the transfer of executive power from one faction to another based on elections. Any elected president is a leader of a particular political party. Thus, the head of the country chooses the chairman of the National Committee and can discipline party members who do not support the current policy.

Such a function of the President as the leader of a political party, thereby public acceptance, can dictate the success of President Joe Biden’s new economic plan. The plan presented to the public costs two trillion dollars and is called an infrastructure plan. The money for the program is expected to come from tax increases for corporations. Schmidt et al. (2017) say that “presidential popularity gives the president an extra political resource to use in persuading legislators to pass legislation.” Thus, the public’s sympathy for the new President can significantly affect the success of his policies. Aspects such as supporting the elderly and disabled, repairing and building affordable housing, or taking care of the environment included in the plan may incline to a positive attitude from the public.


Schmidt, S.W., Shelley, M. & Bardes B. (2017). American Government and Politics Today. Cengage.

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