The American Controversy: The Struggle Within the Country

Political knowledge and culture are necessary for any person today, regardless of his professional affiliation, because, living in society, he must inevitably interact with other people and the state. Citizens’ mass political literacy is necessary for society because it protects it from despotism and tyranny, from inhumane and economically inefficient forms of state and social organization. Political knowledge and skills are essential for the younger generation, characterized by great radicalism of judgment and action, increased susceptibility to various utopian ideologies, and demagogic appeals.

“American Insurrection” explores several critical incidents of right-wing violence leading up to the attack on the United States Capitol. The film covers a story that shows a fascinating expose of how racist organizations and domestic terrorists have taken a prominent place in the United States and how their influence can affect the country’s future (American Insurrection). The documentary may not answer all the questions, but it offers a clear and condemning portrayal of an increasingly fractured country that shows a vital thing: things are not getting any better.

In January 2021, a crowd of protesters supporting Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election made an unauthorized entrance to the United States Capitol authorities. Breaking through security, they caused damage and occupied parts of the building for several hours (American Insurrection). Shortly before the riots began, Trump definitively refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election, triggering the start of the conflict. Democracy is a system of agreements to make joint decisions and to respect the outcome, whatever it may be. The violence people witnessed on Capitol Hill is authoritarian. It is a way of forcing others to submit to the will of the instigators. Violence is not the answer or the solution, nor is indifference. Only through peaceful and constructive dialogue can an adequate solution be reached.

The political system has an overarching social character, is relevant to almost every member of society, and is divided into different parties. In the political arena of the United States, there are mainly two major parties, the Republican and Democratic parties. Today the Democratic Party also advocates active government intervention in all areas of social and economic life. The Republican Party is oriented toward a free-market economy and supports more robust national defense and energy independence of the United States. The social sphere expresses the interests of opponents of abortion and advocates of family values and adheres to a strict policy against illegal immigrants. The views of Democrats and Republicans in the world are polar. The differences are evident in their comments, decisions, and history and relate to ideology, politics, and social and economic ways of developing the country. To understand foreign and domestic policy, one must imagine the variety between Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

There are several conditions, compliance with which allows for a high level of objectivity and realism of the political decision. The effective functioning of the political system requires public organizations of varying scales, operationality, and direction. All of them must be recognized by the state power and endowed with executive management to pressure the authorities to eliminate the disorder. These structures must cooperate with the people, listen to their opinions, assess risks, and identify requests and their causes. Only in this case is it possible for the state and society to work together effectively and for parties to unite. It will allow the political system to develop in a state of dynamic stability and respond to impacts of various kinds without risk.


American Insurrection. Directed by Richard Rowley, performance by Adam Clay Thompson, PBS Frontline Films, 2021.

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