Researching of the American Revolution

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The national authority had no power of taxation, and it also had to rely on the states to supply troops in times of war. There was no separate judicial or executive branch, although Congress did have a president. In order to ensure the existence of the nation, it was necessary to create a central administration with its own army and tax system. Accordingly, two opposing views emerged on the solution to the challenge. One group considered the Articles of Independence unsustainable because the government they created did not have sovereign capabilities. The second group believed that the free union produced by the Articles of Confederation was the ideal arrangement for a republic. They thought it could be corrected with a few amendments.

Eventually, the adherents of a strong central government prevailed, and the new Constitution was completed in 1787 and ratified the following year. It should be emphasized that democracy was built on competition, which is why the states initially taxed each other. In turn, the republic defended the power of the central authority and the granting of equal and sufficient authority to each state. The revolution inspired the eradication of slavery and the development of society through republican principles. The American Revolution and the adoption of the Constitution created a strong central government capable of administering the state and had a certain status quo. Therefore, it could be argued that the change was revolutionary but still required a government that could manage the new state. The government formed in the United States had a republican form of government, while power in England belonged to the monarch. Thus, the 50 states also influenced significant issues in the state and the decision-making process. Accordingly, the government in the U.S. was different from the English system of power in terms of democracy.

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