Researching of American Solidarity Party

The American Solidarity Party (ASP) is a Christian Democratic political party in the United States that offers special provisions in life and family, civil rights, economics, civic engagement, public service, foreign policy, immigration, and the environment. According to Solidarity Party Platform (n.d.), the party advocates the recognition of the sanctity of human life, the need for social justice, environmental responsibility, and the possibility of a more peaceful world. Furthermore, ASP is against abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty.

The party advocates the development of natural families based on the marriage of one man and one woman. ASP encourages social development based on subsidiarity and sovereignty of the sphere, emphasizing solid families, local communities, and voluntary associations. It also implies a strong defense of religious freedom in both private and public life. The American Solidarity Party advocates for a social market economy, seeking broad economic participation and ownership that translates into the prosperity of independent businesses and small farms while respecting private property and the dignity of work and providing a safety net for the poor and vulnerable. The ASP platform calls for conservation and transition to more renewable energy sources to promote environmental friendliness and sustainability while rejecting population restriction measures.

Although minor parties, also referred to as third parties to distinguish them from the two dominant ones, have always been a part of American politics, the dissatisfaction with the Republicans and Democrats has caused some Christians to pay more attention to them than usual. It seems that ASP could well gain popularity in America because its platform reflects a genuine and consistent view of life on the central issues of morality and law. However, the bipartisan system is an integral part of the American political system. For most Americans, voting for an outside candidate is synonymous with being at home on election day. The best strategy for American Christian Democrats would be to run for local or government office on the party card and then seek to be nominated by either Republicans or Democrats, whichever is more beneficial for voters, in national elections. A similar precedent already happened when two Democratic Socialists of America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, were elected to the House of Representatives as Democrats in 2018. Although they have not won a single legislative victory, they nevertheless attracted both the media and the democratic lower class. Therefore, the ASP, despite the rationality of the principles put forward and a significant number of followers, will find it difficult to become a popular party in the conditions of the American bipartisan system.

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