Religious Support in Combat Operations

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To provide military personnel participating in multi-domain, large-scale combat operations with full religious support, the deployment of units is an essential aspect to take into account. According to ATP 1-05.01, large-scale operations typically require the emergency regroupings of units, which may limit chaplains’ access to interaction with the military. In this regard, an appropriate mode of communication between military personnel and chapels should be established to avoid separation due to redeployment. Another important consideration to consider is the degree of demand for religious support. In individual units, military personnel with a distinctive spiritual background may be involved, which is a common practice. Therefore, commanders’ task is to identify soldiers’ needs in cooperation with the chaplains, as well as the readiness to receive help from the clergy, and for some, this may be unnecessary due to personal beliefs.

One of the methods of providing skillful, efficient, and excellent religious support during large-scale combat operations is to ensure proper military training for the chaplains involved. According to the service doctrine, spiritual servants are equated with the status of combatants with all accompanying obligations. As a result, to avoid a threat to lives, they need to be able to conduct combat operations and have the appropriate skills to survive on the battlefield. Another critical aspect is to encourage commanders to take a responsible approach to organizing interaction between soldiers and chaplains. In accordance with military regulations, the heads of military units are involved in the control of religious affairs. This means that the interest of commanders in helping personnel determines the effectiveness of spiritual support. Thus, the participation of senior officers in coordinating this practice plays an essential role.


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