Relation Between Morality and Politics

The political relationships between different countries can be understood only by analyzing the basic principles of legislation formation. Many political conflicts can be solved more efficiently when the correlation between morality and politics is researched in detail. Even though this topic is well-researched, within the current political situation, many immoral actions can be seen that prevent the progressive advancement of society. As a result, the question requires additional exploration to highlight the significant problems.

Morality is considered a part of the common law. For example, American Constitution is primarily based on the protection of rights and freedoms of people, which are derived from Christian ethical ideas. What is similar between politics and morality is that they are designed to control the behavior of people. Politics accept the essential role of ethical principles. However, in situations when political interests are clearly at odds with moral ones, priority is given to politics’ postulates.

Today many politics-related changes take place in the world. The recent wars and pandemic-evolving changes require more advanced analysis of the specific cases of moral rights violations related to political inquiries. An immoral policy can be covered up and justified not only by totalitarian ideologies but also by liberal-democratic ideas and principles. Political power continues to be one of the most ponderable arguments. Such situations cause many ethical problems occurrence.

Current events related to the pandemic showed that the interested persons might use immoral politics to benefit a particular country. During such extreme events, many rights and freedoms of ordinary people were violated due to the politically-conditioned issues. Examples of this problem can be found within Mexico–United States border crisis. The violent attitude, which is politically beneficial, was covered by safety issues. Such an approach is primarily unethical and should be empirically analyzed to state the changing role of morality in politics.

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