Medicare Modernization Act and Its Impact

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The introduction of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, also known as the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) 2003, is a remarkable contribution to the American healthcare system and service quality. In the initial discussion, attention was paid to the main characteristics of the MMA policy-making process, its shortages, and its benefits. In this reply, it is necessary to focus on such questions as the impact of the policy on a specific population and the changes related to particular care processes like surgery or rehabilitation.

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Several clarifications and arguments on the MMA topic can be found in recent studies and reviews. For example, Hollingsworth et al. (2018) conclude that the MMA is based on the outpatient prospective payment system, but actual payments continue increasing without any control in regard to surgical procedures. Huffman and Upchurch (2018) underline that the Act supported the options of privately administrated drug plans for older adults, but it did not touch Medicare literacy improvement. Therefore, the challenges of the chosen policy-making process remain poorly covered by the writer, and the basic expectation is to investigate the policy-making steps thoroughly.

Therefore, additionally, it is recommended to clarify the outcomes of the MMA on different populations and community groups. The Act is all about the avoidance of discrimination against any particular beneficiaries and the promotion of support for drug management. Still, it is unclear if the policy change was realized as planned and if the modification stage was properly taken. Regarding such new facts about the MMA and its application in surgery and geriatric care units, it is necessary to revisit the issue from the offered perspective. Although the Medicare program could be improved with the chosen policy, such voluntary prescription has to be elaborated for different groups of people, depending on their incomes and health characteristics.


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