Law Enforcement Agencies

Obtaining compensation for law enforcement errors is quite rare and not provided everywhere. In most criminal justice systems, it is formally possible to review or abolish wrongful convictions. However, it is often quite problematic to actually achieve this. The majority of victims are suspects of non-serious crimes since they are treated with less attention. Despite the provided payment, nothing can compensate for exonerees’ lost years of life.

The amount of compensation may differ in various states. For example, in Oklahoma, payment is $175,000 for the entity of the time transferred in custody due to an error (“Oklahoma,” n.d.). Nevertheless, there may be a different situation in other states, and the amount of payment varies depending on the time in prison. From a rational point of view, the payment should be enough for the exoneree to afford housing and plenty of time to find work. However, moral compensation is also needed and important. Since a more extended stay in prison has a more substantial impact on a person’s health, compensation should correlate with imprisonment length. It is difficult to compensate for the lost time, but it is also impossible to avoid all mistakes. In this case, not only payment will be fair, but also support in adapting to new circumstances and restoring society.

Law enforcement agencies and the court can make a mistake and sentence an innocent person. In this case, it will be difficult for him or her to obtain a review of the case, but that is possible. Some states provide different amounts of compensation for time spent in prison. Such payments should be enough for post-prison adaptation, but measures are also needed to restore the reputation and become a full member of society.


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