Importance of Americanism

Every nation is remarkable, and one’s devotion to their country characterizes their personality. As a citizen of the United States, I have been raised with a commitment towards my homeland and, although I am only in high school, I recognize the significance of representing and protecting our people. To me, Americanism means acknowledging one’s identity and how it can be put in service towards the nation’s better future.

Americanism is about knowing our country’s history and understanding how it has formed modern society. An American citizen must remember those who have fallen fighting for the nation’s independence and be ready to do the same in the face of a threat. Americanism is more than love towards the country; it is a uniting sense that inspires and encourages people to strengthen America and help each other. Americanism reflects devotion towards a greater purpose that is reinforced by families preparing generations of patriots. Every person in the United States is valued and unique, representing diverse races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds, but the people should be connected by one mindset. Americanism means that each person has the opportunity and comprehends the need to receive the proper education that would enhance their abilities in leading the country to prosperity.

To me, Americanism is honoring the past and developing myself to serve the nation and ensure that older and younger generations live in comfort. I am a girl, and I know that some countries view my gender as fragile, but in the United States, I am certain that I can help people and be a valuable citizen, especially after completing a good education. Despite being quite young, I realized a long time ago how fortunate I am to be an American and now wish to advance my abilities to preserve our history and secure our future.

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