Discussion of Speed Limits’s Importance

The protection of citizens is one of the primary tasks of the government, but it can be challenging to perform in the absence of special initiatives. It is usually addressed by numerous laws aimed at eliminating potential hazards, and the most critical sphere of their application is road safety. The principal decision in this respect is the establishment of speed limits, which help regulate the behavior of drivers. Even though the introduction of corresponding rules might seem an excessive measure from the perspective of individuals, they are still important for ensuring people’s wellbeing, emphasizing personal responsibility, and preventing crashes.

The national speed limits are confirmed to be an efficient way to promote the safety of citizens, and they allow pedestrians, drivers, and their passengers to avoid injuries or lethal outcomes. Initially, they were created for the purpose of managing oil shortages in the country, but further examination showed their feasibility from the point of view of safety (“Speed,” 2019). Over history, these regulations were occasionally lowered and raised, and the statistics gathered over the corresponding periods served as sufficient evidence for the necessity to limit speed (“Speed,” 2019). This solution is the only method, which can provide immediate results, and its effectiveness speaks of the need for using it.

Another consideration is the personal responsibility of drivers, which can be increased through the establishment of speed limits. This outcome stems from the awareness of the dangers accompanying the transportation process, and the population can be educated about this aspect of the matter only by explaining the necessity to follow these rules (“Speed,” 2019). It is evident that some people might not agree with them by saying that they can control the situation without any restrictions, but the factors affecting this area are more complex than one can imagine. For example, they include the impossibility of stopping a car at specific distances and reacting to emergencies (“Speed,” 2019). The consequences of failures in these cases are not apparent, and one can be responsible only if they know about them.

In addition, the severity of injuries is another parameter, which should be taken into account when arguing for the establishment of strict speed limits. It might seem that risks accompanying driving cannot be fully eliminated, but people seldom are conscious of the fact that the harm to the health of the affected persons can be reduced (“Speed,” 2019). Thus, their survival frequently depends on the force of the crash, and the neglect of regulations might be detrimental (“Speed,” 2019). The protective measures installed by car manufacturers are created on the basis of precise calculations, and, in some situations, their violation might result in the inevitability of harm to citizens (“Speed,” 2019). Since it can be otherwise prevented, limitations of speed correspond to the technical parameters and, consequently, should be respected.

In conclusion, safety on the road significantly depends on the rules, which drivers should follow. First, the restrictions in this regard are explained by the wellbeing of individuals because the experience over the years of changes in legislation proved their reasonability. Second, personal responsibility for everyone’s health can be ensured only if people are aware of why particular measures are implemented. Third, the characteristics of present-day cars are adjusted to the conditions of the environment, and their neglect increases the probability of severe injuries. Thus, speed limits are required to meet the above needs of all people affected by vehicles.


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