Bad Leaders in Power and Their Impact


The global political landscape is currently characterized by upheavals and uncertainty due to the most recent war that sparked from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Consequently, the war has led to a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and nations that depended on Ukraine and Russia’s supplies for their economies. Nonetheless, it is vital to investigate the potential causes of these conflicts and use these instances to create awareness of the benefits of responsible leaders. Thus, this speech talks about the harm bad leaders can inflict on individuals using the Russia-Ukraine case. Similarly, it provides a call to action to prompt its audience, comprised of teachers, administrators, and students, to make better choices when electing leaders and representatives.

Background of the Issue

The United Nations have reported a severe humanitarian crisis in Ukraine due to the conflict that sparked within its borders over a month ago. However, although Ukrainians are suffering, Russian citizens are also suffering because they have been completely cut off from the rest of the world. Seemingly, there is also a crisis in Russia because the President has taken control of all media houses and the military, forcing people to live in constant fear for their lives and security despite being safe within their borders and waging war on another country.

According to news resources, a majority of individuals in Russia did not know that their country was attacking its neighbor until they were weeks into the invasion. In other words, the government took control of media houses and lied that they were serving the country. Subsequently, most individuals in Russia do not agree with this move but cannot act or say anything due to the wrath of a tyrannical leader (Al Jazeera, 2022). However, we should never assume that we are safe and far from this turmoil because the simple mistake of electing an irresponsible leader can drive us to war and strife in an instant.

Russia’s president is a good example of a leader who does not have individuals’ interests at heart. Last year, both countries were doing well and thriving as neighbors despite years of conflict and attacks around the Ukrainian border by militia. However, Ukraine has been reduced to shreds because of powers beyond its control. Therefore, only Russian citizens are to blame because they have everything it takes to remove their president from power and re-establish a worthy nation (McCabe, 2022). So, how can we learn from our forefather’s mistakes and the mistakes of nations like Russia to ensure our political stability? The secret lies in choosing good leaders who put thought to reason and make the right decisions in the best interest of the people they serve.

The tenets of human development and civilization have lain in the hands of political leaders since the time of immemorial. However, human advancement toward democracy and equality has given people power over wealthy individuals and self-proclaimed leaders (Metz, 2021). Hence, it is up to us to elect good leaders who will not lead to the suffering of future generations. Thus, never elect a leader because of political affiliations or popularity. Rather, you should look at their leadership qualities and ability to deliver on their obligations.

Conclusion and Call to Action

It is sad to note that people in most regions around the globe suffer under the rule of tyrants, dictators, and warlords who disregard human rights for selfish gains. It is reasonable to conclude that these individuals are responsible for their plight because history has taught us that no person can rise above a group of dedicated individuals and citizens desiring change. Therefore, we should all take time and learn from the mistakes of nations like Russia, Yemen, Israel, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Palestine, and other countries hit by conflict due to their leaders’ negligence and elect people who can steer comprehensive positive development.


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